Friday, January 1, 2010


Earlier this week, we considered how quiet it was with family having gone home after Christmas and how we didn't really have any New Year's Eve plans. So, rather than spend a quiet night at home, we decided to go to the beach! We got up early Thursday morning (early, as in, when Daniel woke up at 3:30 for his early morning feeding), finished loading the car (how can two little people need so much stuff for just ONE NIGHT??), and drove to Pensacola, FL. Six hours or so later, we arrived. The weather was gorgeous. So warm and sunny, in fact, that we stopped at Walmart and picked up a couple short sleeve shirts for Curtis and Zachary! After we checked into the hotel, we hit the beach. Obviously this was Daniel's first beach trip, but it was also Zachary's first beach trip. Here is his first experience walking barefoot in the sand.

Here is his first experience with ocean water on those cute little barefeet:

Videos taken 12/31/09; Zachary is 2 years old