Thursday, August 21, 2008

The mouth is for putting things in...

Video taken 08/09/08; Zachary is 11 months

Is it a kiss or a bite?

Zachary and his Daddy.

Video taken 08/08/08; Zachary is 11 months (as of 08/09/08)

Practice makes perfect....

(Actually, practice makes permanent...) Zachary was fascinated by the back door, and practiced going in and out. He must have done it half a dozen times before I grabbed the camera!

Good Morning!

Before I went to get the camera, Zachary was sitting in his crib, playing with his taggie, and staring, mesmerized, at the fan. I didn't catch it on camera, but I did catch the way he greets me everytime I walk in his room :)


I don't know what it is about cute, little, furry creatures, but there were so many pictures and videos taken of this rodent!

Diaper Houdini

It's been a while since I posted! I guess I got out of the habit. So, first I have a funny story for you, then I have some great new videos of Little Bug (Zachary) I can't wait to share :)

So, Diaper Houdini: I was sitting on the computer and Zachary was playing on the floor in the area. I heard some Velcro-like sounds and then Zachary was standing (holding onto my chair) next to me, in just a diaper and t-shirt - the diaper cover was a yard away. Great. I told him that wasn't allowed, and he actually looked at me, looked at the cover on the floor, and then looked down at his diaper! It was as if he understood me!

That night or the next night, I'm not sure, I woke up to crying before 6. Zachary was standing up in his crib (not unusual) and reached for me. As I picked him up I realized several things at once: his bottom half was naked, there was a diaper and cover in the crib with no baby in them, and my foot was in a puddle of something wet. Curtis and I deducted what must have happened: The Velcro on his diaper cover was too tempting and he pulled off the whole cover. For some reason he also took off the diaper (which took some effort because it's held on with a Snappi). Now wide awake, he stood up and then probably got cold, which caused him to urinate. With no diaper to absorb it, he piddled all over the floor (and I mean all over. He must have turned because it was everywhere!)

The moral is twofold: 1) he needs bottoms over the diaper cover. No more t-shirt only, as cute as it is. 2) The covers we've been using since he was born are truly too small and we need to get serious about sewing together a few more using the bigger pattern.