Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Smile

Today's the day! Zachary has cut his first tooth! It's just barely above the gum surface. That's probably why he was so upset the night before last.

While typing the above I learned that although it's barely in, that little tooth is sharp! (He bit my arm - not maliciously, just a little love bite)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Naughty Boy

Zachary was crawling on the floor in our bedroom and headed toward the hallway. We were keeping an eye on him as he passed the stairs and stopped at the bathroom (that has the cat box in it). He looked up at Curtis, almost as if he was asking a question. Curtis said , "Nooo" and Zachary immediately turned, and, with a huge grin on his face, charged for it! By the time Curtis took the three steps to get to him, he was practically all the way in! I wish I could have gotten a video of it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yummy Hair

I was blocking Zachary from playing with the glass cabinet doors under the TV. The distraction technique worked! He found my hair to be much more fun (and apparently tasty).

Video taken yesterday

At the Park

It was too nice a day yesterday to stay inside, so we all went to the park. Zachary and I played on the blanket while Curtis flew his model airplane.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pull Ups

He's still not crawling in a traditional way (hands and knees), but he's figured out how to pull himself up to a stand! (See previous post - he pulled himself up before I took that video). I was finally able to capture him in the act:


Feel free to turn the volume down if you don't want to hear the radio in the background :)

More Dancing Baby

Video taken yesterday

Impromptu Walker

Zachary pulled himself up onto his rocking chair, I think he was trying to get up into it. He ended up pushing it against the wall, which is where this video starts. (The radio was turned up loud enough that I could hear the talk show clearly, so you may want to turn down the volume on these videos.)

After he realized he couldn't get in it, he decided it was time to get down:

Videos taken 4/17/08

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aspiring Brass Player

What do you think? Looks like he's got some musical inclinations.

Video taken 4/7/08

Phone theme

Curtis let me install my phone software on the laptop (it won't install on the desktop), so I was able to get my photos off the phone and update my theme.

This is the new one I created:

OwnSkin Preview
Download To Mobile Phone: Zachary 7 months

Ticklish Feet

Zachary and I were sitting on the floor after his nap. I tickled his foot to make him giggle, and then he leaned over and tried to tickle my foot! Too cute.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Potential Energy

Have you ever gotten excited about the work you could be doing? I'm just sitting here, sipping tea (with sugar, of course), but I'm almost giddy about all the things I could get done today (baby laundry, preparing the new diapers that just arrived, making the kitchen sparkling, filing all the papers that've been sitting around for weeks, refilling the cat food container, changing the cat box, continue putting transactions in Quicken, checking backorder status on our games, adding more products to the ebay store, continue working on crochet dinosaur, start working on diaper cover patterns and instructions for medium size....). So many things I could accomplish!! I'm all excited! But, I'm still just sitting here, staring at the computer...

There, I think I've cured myself. Listing it all out seems to have done the trick. I can go back to mindless websurfing now. (j/k ;) )

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cats vs. Baby Gate

We got a baby gate over the weekend. When we're downstairs I set it up to block off the entry way. It's a taller gate (I can't get over it), and it had the cats stumped at first. The first time Beau decided he needed to get over it he started by leaping off the couch to get a running start. By Sunday, Riselle was able to leap over it (without touching it) from a standstill. I don't know how he did it exactly, but this morning Beau knocked it over (it's pressure-mounted). We knew they'd get used to it, but we didn't think they'd start trying to destroy the thing so quickly!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dancing Baby

He dances! (on cue too)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Video Card Update

It works! We took the new video card back to Best Buy and exchanged it for another of the exact same thing. Plugged it in, installed the drivers, and it works! The CD had slightly different software on it, so it was the drivers that were faulty. So now I can go back to gloating that my computer has a spiffy new video card (that does DirectX 10) for less than $60 :)

My Shadows

We have very social cats. They're very rarely in a different part of the house from us. If we're downstairs and I go upstairs (or vice versa), it won't be long before I'm joined by one or both cats. So I'm constantly being followed around.

Now that Zachary's mobile, he's picked up the habit too! I'll set him down in the living room and go into the kitchen to do dishes, and next thing I know, he's in the kitchen too! So I just have to be careful not to step on anybody!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Not so spiffy after all

So I was all excited about a new video card for less than $60. The problem is that the drivers don't work. From what we can find online it's a common problem with the company that makes the card. I'm having to run Windows in Safe Mode, which is not cool. The video card is essentially defective, so we're going to have to try to return it and get a new one (from a different manufacturer). Bummer. I hope Best Buy will take it back, since it was on clearance. But they should if it's defective, right?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blue Screen of Death

So, my computer gave us the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, and then it wouldn't restart. We determined it was the video card and would cost us probably $100 to get back up and running. So after researching cards online (this is why we will probably always have two computers in the house), we traipse over to Best Buy to pick up the card we need. To our incredible good fortune, the card was on clearance, marked down from $102 to $55!! AND, we found a 10% off coupon online, which basically paid for the tax. So my computer got a spiffy new video card (that does DirectX 10) for less than $60! Curtis immediately started making comments about how the desktop will become the game computer now, because it will probably out perform his laptop, lol. (It's always that way though, with two computers it's always a game of leap frog).

So now we just have to get the drivers installed. They haven't cooperated so far, so everything on the screen looks a little funny. At least the computer works though!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby on the Move

When he wants something, he can really move!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Turnabout's Fair Play

Zachary gave me a zerbert!! I thought he was going to kiss my neck, but he gave me zerbert instead. I started laughing and looked at him then he started laughing too. I leaned back down and he gave me another one! I guess all the times I've done it to his cheek is coming back to me :)

Stomach Sleeper

Zachary has started sleeping on his tummy. I put him down on his back, and when I go in to check on him later, he's sound asleep on his tummy. I don't know if it's because it's actually more comfortable, or if he rolls over after I leave because he's still awake and just falls asleep that way.